Our Philosophy

Revolutions Midwifery is an independent practice based in Tacoma, WA, serving the South Puget Sound with full-spectrum midwifery care. We are a feminist, BIPOC-owned, queer and trans-inclusive, pro-choice midwifery practice rooted in the framework and practices of reproductive justice. We are a pledged member of the Health at Every Size registry and strive to provide individualized, culturally-responsive, evidence-based, and trauma-informed care.

Revolutions Midwifery grew out of a deep desire to see more radical, community-based midwifery care options in the South Puget Sound. By radical, we don’t mean “fringe” or “out there,” but rather, care that is deeply rooted in a foundation of social justice and healing relationships. We reject the premise that reproductive health care should feel shaming, stigmatizing, or coercive.

Revolutions Midwifery exists to provide individualized, radical care while using our power as a health care provider to advocate for broader systems-level change within our community. We know that quality midwifery care means nothing without action to end police violence, dismantle the prison industrial complex, and increase access to housing, food, medical care, and education. On both the individual and systems level, we are here to make sure everyone has access to inclusive and affirming reproductive health care and the ability to nurture their families in safe, thriving communities.