August 17, 2021

We’re looking for a dynamic medical assistant who is ready to launch their clinical career to the next level.

Position: Medical Assistant/Office Manager

16-24 hours a week, depending on clinic schedule. In clinic days are Mondays and Wednesdays 8:30-5, and Thursdays 7:30-5.

We are hiring for a dual-role position of medical assistant and office manager. This person will assist Lena in client care such as obtaining vitals and labs, and scribing visits; as well as typical front office administrative tasks, some back office tasks, and other tasks depending on the skill set of the applicant. This part-time position will begin at 16-24 hours a week and have the potential to increase in both FTE and scope as the practice grows.

Accepting applications now through August 25. Interviews August 30-31, anticipated start date September 7.

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